We believe that sustainability is the hallmark of craftsmanship with reliability and longevity.

Leather is a versatile and timeless material that can last for generations. We understand the responsibility that comes with working with this natural resource, and we take great care in sourcing our materials. We prioritize ethically and responsibly sourced leather, ensuring that it comes from reputable suppliers who adhere to strict animal welfare and environmental standards.

All leather used for our products is sustainably sourced and tanned. We think it is important to be open about where the materials for our products come from, and our suppliers are no secret for us! We use leather from the following tanneries:

Lefarc Leather

Lefarc is a tannery located in Leon, Mexico. Lefarc is widely credited with being the most sustainable leather tannery in the world, and they employ a variety of highly advanced processes to achieve this. Their "spheres retanning technology" cuts down on water usage by 30-40%. 1/3 of the tannery's power is supplied by solar panels. Lefarc also has a full in-house water treatment plant that treats all water used in the tanning process before sending it back into the world. For more information, check out their website:

Wickett and Craig of America

Wickett and Craig offers gorgeous USA-tanned leather, and their sustainability commitments are no joke. They treat all water used in the tanning process in a "state of the art water treatment plant" onsite, in addition to working with local farmers to compost any remnants from the tanning process. See more about their sustainable practices at their website using the link below:

Conceria 800

"With the aim of minimizing environmental impact we carry out incessant research investing heavily to find the latest technological improvements."

We believe it is important to stand up for what is right, and creating goods made from animal hides could carry negative impacts if certain aspects weren't considered as we consider them. It is our hope that this information has been of great help in your understanding of our efforts on sustainability!