Custom Orders and Lead Times:

All of our products are made to order. Depending on whether or not we already have the hide(s) required to make your product, it should ship in 1 to 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience!

We also do custom orders! If you have something you would like designed in mind, or you are simply interested in a listed product in a different color, feel free to send an email to

Where to Find Us:

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We currently have products in two stores:

Horton's General Store

   293 S Columbia Ave, Rincon, GA 31326

A Southern Lifestyle Company

   200 Tanger Outlets Blvd Suite 729, Pooler, GA 31322

 Additionally, we often visit craft shows and farmers' markets. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page to be notified if we have a booth at a show!


Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather is steer hide that has been tanned with tannin found in tree bark and other vegetable matter, but neither dyed nor oiled (thus explaining its skin like appearance). It is a full grain leather, meaning the top side has not been sanded, buffed, or otherwise corrected to the remove natural patterns and grain. Because of this, the fibers remain in tact and strong. The material is greatly influenced by its environment and will initially change color like human skin when exposed to direct sunlight. This leather ages to a beautiful dark caramel brown, and will burnish darker in spots of frequent contact.

Chrome Tanned Leather is the newest tanning treatment, which came about in the early 1900s. It was originally created as a way of quickly producing massive amounts of tanned leather. Chrome tanned leather is tanned with chemicals, acids, and salts. It will not patina as Vegetable tanned leather does, but most chrome tanned leather is very water resistant and very beautiful.


Our Process:

When we say handmade, that is exactly what we mean: Handmade. Every process in the making of our goods is done by hand. 

Thread- We use waxed poly-cord thread for all hand stitching. This means that all thread is made up of many smaller pieces of thread that are wound together. Additionally, since the thread is waxed, every stitch locks in as the wax heats up from the friction of stitching. We use a similar thread in our machine sewn products, however, this thread has not been waxed.

Stitching- We use a traditional saddle-stitch on all small goods. This means that every stitch line is a single piece of thread that winds in and out of stitch holes. This is one of the strongest stitching methods there is. All products have stitches 6mm apart. These are very long stitches, but they are also very strong stitches. Many people like the looks of stitches that are 3mm apart, or sometimes less, but the reality is that these stitches are not as strong as 6mm stitches.

                  We use a sewing machine on most bags. Machine sewn products are just as strong as hand stitched products, if done correctly. We double stitch all major seams on machine sewn items. The beginnings and ends of stitch lines are reverse stitched in order to ensure that the stitch line is properly locked in and it will not come undone. 

We have never had a report of a broken stitch.